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The customer loyalty programme for those aged 6 to 17 who have a children’s card or a youth card.

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  • Access to our best advice on spending, saving and using a card safely and securely

  • Invitations to unique experiences for the whole family

Take the card test before your first bank card

It is important to be able to use the card correctly before the child receives their first debit card. The card test is a short test that gives information about cards, codes and money.

Take the card test

Children from A to Z

Things you should know and things you didn’t see coming – with children at home

Read more about children from A to Z

Children’s insurance

Insure the most cherished people in your life with child insurance, and make it easier financially for the child and family if something should happen.

Read more and see prices.
Intro Youth card Visa

Get access to Intro

To get access to Intro, you need to have one of these cards.

Mother and child on the floor

Intro Savings account

With the Intro Savings Account, the child can start saving themselves. The child must have My first card or the Youth’s card to order an Intro Savings account. Unlike Barnas Sparekonto (Children’s savings account), this is a savings account that the child can manage themselves.

You can order this in the guardian’s online bank or in their own online bank when the child is over 15 years old.

More savings products for children

It’s a good idea to start saving early. Every little helps, and even small sums can become large when they have enough time to grow.

Mother and child brushing their teeth

Barnas Sparekonto (Children’s savings account)

Barnas Sparekonto is an account that parents manage,

  • Read more about Barnas Sparekonto
Girls sitting on a sofa

Boligspar Ekstra

You can save for a home with Boligspar Ekstra.


Gift a mutual fund

With a long-term savings perspective, shares and mutual funds can be a suitable fit. How about giving funds as a gift?

Children playing

Share savings account for children

Share savings account for children is suitable for people who want to save long-term in the child’s name.

Parent tickling a child. Photo.

Insure your loved ones

Public support schemes are beneficial for children who are injured or who are exposed to illness. A child’s insurance policy can still be a good idea to make everyday life simpler in the event that something happens.

The insurance is provided by Fremtind

Our insurance company is Fremtind, one of Norway’s largest insurance companies with many years’ experience and an industry leader with several award-winning policies. See what makes us best in test for insurance.

Has the child turned 16 years old and able to drive a moped? If so, it’s good to know that Fremtind scores particularly well on claims settlements.

Children’s insurance

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Online and mobile banking app

The Intro customer loyalty programme provides access to online and mobile banking app, where parents/guardians get a full overview of the child’s spending and savings. Here both parties can check the balance, get an overview of spending and transfer money. It is also possible to order or block bank cards in a simple way. The spending function in the mobile bank provides a more detailed overview of what the child is spending their money on.

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