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Signatory authority

At various phases of life, the need for help may arise. An account signatory can help with payments, bills, statements etc. Remember that an account signatory must use their own BankID.

Hand in hand
  • Help from your own online bank

  • Keep track and pay bills from accounts you manage

Are you someone who helps elderly people with online banking? Perhaps your mother or your father is visually impaired or finds using a computer a bit difficult? By being an account signatory, you can help from your own online bank. You can keep track and pay bills from accounts you manage.

An account signatory will have access to pay from the account and see transactions prior to the the authorisation being registered.

Remember that the account signatory must be a customer of DNB.

BankID is personal

BankID is an electronic ID and signature, in the same way as showing your passport or signing with a pen. Even if most people have good intentions, in some cases a helper can create problems for the person being helped.

BankID must not be transferred or given to others – neither the bank, spouse, account signatory or anyone else. For help with BankID, password and code device, the owner must contact us. Here we cannot assist if other family members are calling on their behalf.

Banking services without internet

We understand that some customers find it challenging to deal with more and more digital services. We have banking services that do not require internet access.

  • Banking without Internet

Pay bills easily

With AvtaleGiro, we ensure that the fixed bills are paid directly from the account on the due date.

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