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FX trading with CFDs carries a very high risk because of the leverage used. Make sure you are completely comfortable with what is involved.

DNB FX Trader

DNB FX Trader is a trading platform that lets you easily trade foreign exchange via your online bank.

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  • Buy and sell currency 24 hours a day

  • Option of gearing

  • 24 hour customer support by phone

Contact our FX-team
Contact our FX-team

NOTE! FX trading involves high risk and is not recommended for non-professionals.

You can trade in the world’s largest market

The foreign exchange (FX) market is the world’s largest and most liquid market. Prices are set and transactions are made 24 hours a day, from the early hours of Monday to Friday evening. If you are interested in actively trading in FX, DNB FX Trader could be the solution for you.

The minimum requirement for accessing DNB FX Trader is NOK 200 000 deposited in a security account. The platform can be used by both corporate and non-professionals. The contracts entered into in DNB FX Trader are financial contracts for difference (CFDs) in currency. A CFD is a complex financial instrument that can be highly leveraged. This involves taking on high risk and you can lose large sums due to small movements in the market.

FX Trader is only available in Norwegian

FX Trader is a tool for FX trading that is only offered to Norwegian businesses and non-professionals. The service is only available in Norwegian.

How to get started:

Trade in 52 different currency combinations

As a user of DNB FX Trader, you can trade 52 different currency combinations using the deposit in your margin account. The deposit can be leveraged. The applicable rates are shown when you log in to the platform. The margin rates can be changed by the bank and vary according to the combination.

You can find an overview of the currency combinations here.

As a DNB FX Trader customer you get access to:

  • Daily morning reports and Web TV broadcasts
  • Chartbook – Technical research
  • Conduct your own research with technical indicators
  • Ad-Hoc Macro research
  • Weekly updates and forecasts

Full overview in the online bank

You get access to the platform in the online bank and mobile banking app. Trades can easily be made via a computer, mobile or tablet or via our sales desk 24 hours a day. The platform gives you an overview of your open positions, the balance of the margin account and other relevant information.

Margin account and margin trading (gearing)

With DNB FX Trader, you can trade significantly larger amounts than the amount you have in the margin account. This possibility (gearing) gives you the chance to make a better return, but also means there is a risk of bigger losses.

FX trading carries a very high risk and is definitely not suitable for everyone. It is assumed that you have a sound financial situation and sufficient liquidity in order to cover any losses that may occur. In general, we recommend that amounts used for currency trading only constitutes a very limited share of the customer’s wealth.

More information about DNB FX Trader

Currency combinations

DNB FX Trader Terms and Conditions

Trading in financial instruments is subject to strict rules. We have gathered all our terms and conditions onto one page. Here you will find our obligations as an investment firm. In addition, you will find information about what you, as a customer, are obliged to familiarise yourself with, and what our services cost.

DNB FX Trader Service Agreement

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