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Foreign Exchange Trading

Markets Electronic Trading (DNB MET) gives your business direct access to the foreign exchange market.

Markets DNB.no
  • Norway’s largest group of experts in foreign exchange and interest rates

  • Buy and sell currency 24 hours a day

  • Get access to real-time prices and up-to-date research

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What is DNB MET and why use us?

DNB Markets has Norway’s largest group of experts in foreign exchange. Our ordering system runs 24 hours a day and our trading desks in Norway, Sweden, London, New York and Singapore are continuously monitoring trades. We offer easy and flexible foreign currency trading in up to 170 currency combinations through the online platform DNB MET.

To gain access to the platform we require a minimum currency exposure, turnover and transaction requirement. The requirement is currently NOK five million in annual currency exposure.

DNB MET is suitable for companies and professional investors who want to monitor the currency market and secure themselves against major exchange rate fluctuations.

DNB MET - short summary:

  • Minimum NOK 5 million in annual currency exposure
  • FX spot, forward and swap trading in more than 170 currency combinations
  • Open 24/7 Monday to Friday
  • Provides an overview of currency contracts
  • Full access to research
  • Block trading and research tools to hedge the company’s currency exposure
  • Price information, market news, financial calendar and online broadcasts

eConfirmation of currency transactions

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eConfirmation gives you a complete overview of the currency contracts entered into.

DNB eConfirmation is a service connected to DNB MET which gives corporate customers access to confirm FX spot, forward and swap contracts, in addition to price contracts executed with DNB Markets as the counterparty. The advantages of using DNB eConfirmation include:

  • Confirmation of currency contracts via the online bank, regardless of whether the trade is executed online or by phone.
  • Simple to use, replaces written confirmation by regular post
  • Previously entered contracts and confirmations can easily be found in the contract summary
  • Export to spreadsheet
  • Access to history
  • Free of charge

For questions related to DNB MET and DNB e-Confirmation, you can also contact our brokers on +47 24 16 90 80, or by email: markets.efx@dnb.no

Currencies, interest rates and commodities – terms and conditions

FX spot trading

Trades below NOK 1 000 000 are made directly in the online bank. For transactions exceeding one million, the FX broker can be contacted directly by telephone.

This may be appropriate, for example, when buying a holiday home abroad, when the property must be paid for in foreign currency.

DNB Markets FX desk: +47 24 16 90 90

  • Read more about spot trading

FX Forwards

An FX forward is a binding contract between the bank and the customer to buy or sell a currency amount at a future date. This is relevant for corporate customers who want to hedge their future income and expenses in foreign currency.

To discuss, please contact our FX desk:

DNB Markets FX desk: +47 24 16 90 80

Foreign exchange trading and international payments

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Do you have any questions about foreign exchange and interest rates? Check out our FAQ page. This is where you will find answers to the most common questions asked.

Are you looking for definitions for terms and concepts in FX trading?

There are a number of technical terms that can be confusing when first becoming familiar with FX trading. That’s why we have created a glossary of terms explaining some of the most commonly used terms. Go to our A to Z page to find answers to the most commonly asked questions about interest rates and foreign exchange.

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