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Foreign Exchange Trading

We offer foreign exchange trading for businesses and professional investors.

Markets DNB.no
  • Norway’s largest group of experts in foreign exchange and interest rates

  • Buy and sell currency 24 hours a day

  • Get access to real-time prices and up-to-date research

Contact FX Trading
Contact FX Trading

DNB Markets has Norway’s largest group of foreign exchange (FX) experts. Our order system is in operation 24 hours a day and our trading desks in Norway, Sweden, London, New York and Singapore monitor trades continuously. We offer FX trading in up to 170 currency combinations.

Which type of foreign exchange trading fits your needs?


Suitable for:

Investors with the highest risk appetite who want to trade CFDs in currencies.

Companies who want to monitor and hedge against major exchange rate changes.

Online bank opening times

24 hours a day

24 hours a day

Minimum deposit

Minimum NOK 200 000

Minimum NOK 5 million in annual currency exposure.

Available currencies

The major currencies, with up to 52 currency combinations*.

40 currency types and more than 170 currency combinations.

Services available in the solution

Simple execution of transactions and limit orders, as well as gearing. Brokerage services 24 hours a day between Sunday 22:00 - Friday 22:30.

Foreign exchange spot, forward and swap trading. Contract summaries, price information and market news.

Research and reports from DNB Markets

Full access

Full access

Reporting and overview

Full summary of active positions, realised/unrealised gains and margin utilisation on the platform.

Available summary in BedriftsApp (the Corporate App). eConfirmations for trades where DNB Markets is the counterpart. Monthly MTM (Mark-to-Market) reports upon request.

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Bank notes in different currencies

Foreign exchange trading for businesses

Our trading service DNB MET is suitable for companies that want to monitor and hedge against major exchange rate fluctuations.

  • Read more about DNB MET

Foreign exchange trading for retail investors

Our trading service DNB FX Trader is suitable for investors who want to trade currency contracts for difference (CDFs).

Foreign exchange trading and international payments

FX spot trading

Trades of amounts lower than NOK 1 000 000 are made directly in the online bank. For trades exceeding 1 million, an FX broker can be contacted directly by phone.

This may be appropriate, for example, when buying a holiday home abroad, when the property must be paid for in foreign currency.

DNB Markets FX desk: 24 16 90 90

FX Forwards

An FX forward is a binding contract between the bank and the customer to buy or sell a currency amount at a future date. This is suitable for corporate customers who wish to hedge their future income and expenses in foreign currency.

To discuss, please contact our FX desk:

DNB Markets FX desk: 24 16 90 80

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Do you have any questions about foreign exchange and interest rates? Check out our FAQ page. That is where you will find answers to the most common questions asked.

Are you looking for definitions for terms and concepts in FX trading?

There are a number of terms and concepts that can seem confusing when you first get started in foreign exchange trading. We have therefore put together a glossary explaining the most commonly used terms and concepts. Visit our A–Z page to find answers to the most frequently asked questions about foreign exchange and interest rates.

Interest Rates and FX from A to Z

Currencies, interest rates and commodities – terms and conditions

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