Pluss card

Pluss card includes a current account, bank cards and Internet banking free of charge.


  • Current account **
  • Internet banking and mobile banking
  • Visa card
  • Mastercard (optional) - including travel and cancellation insurance *
  • Emergency cash - if you were to lose your bank cards abroad
* applies only when a minimum of 50 % of the transportation costs are paid in advance with Mastercard.

** you can easily open new accounts in the Internet bank. If you require an extra account from which to pay your bills, we recommend that you open a new current account. If you would like to put some money aside, you can open a savings account.



for goods purchases in Norway and internationally*, payment of bills in the Internet bank/mobile bank and annual Mastercard fee.

*1.99% currency conversion fee outside Norway

Annual Visa card fee
NOK 295

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