You can use the Internet banking service to securely transfer funds to a payee’s account in another country.

We help you make the right choices when you register the payment to ensure that it is executed in the best possible manner and the way you want.

Important information when you:

- make a payment:
  • The payee's account number/IBAN
    - the IBAN is required for payments to Europe and some countries outside Europe, see which countries
    - standard letters for requesting the payee's IBAN and BIC are posted on the right hand side
  • The receiving bank's BIC/SWIFT address
  • The payee's name and address
  • The currency in which you want to make the payment
  • Information for the currency control authorities for amounts exceeding NOK 100,000.

- receive a payment:
  • Ensure that the payer use your IBAN
    - check your IBAN here. It is also specified in your bank statement
  • The sender must use DNB's BIC/SWIFT address: DNBANOKK
  • The name and address for your account

Payment options:

Europe/SEPA payment is used for:

General payment is used for:
  • Payments to countries outside Europe
  • Payments to Europe when the Europe/SEPA option cannot be used
You can find more information in the Internet banking service.

Do you need IBAN and BIC for your payee?

Here your will find letter and e-mail suggestions for collecting IBAN and BIC.

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard for bank account number
BIC (Bank Identifier Code) identifies the bank
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