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Account and address register

Through prevalidation against KAR, your company can verify that an account is valid for payments and/or verify the owner of the account.

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  • Verify the right payment beneficiary

  • Check valid payment account

  • Reduce invoice fraud, erroneous payments and rejections

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Prevalidation of account and ownership

The KAR Account Validation Service is the Norwegian banks’ joint register for payment accounts. With the KAR Account Validation Service, you can confirm whether an account is associated with a specific organisation number or national identity number, and whether the account can be used for incoming payments. In this way, you can be sure that the account is valid and is owned by the given recipient. It is possible to verify both individual accounts and larger lists. You can get the service in both the online bank and your accounting system.

The register contains information from banks in Norway about deposit accounts in Norwegian kroner. Searches against the KAR Account Validation Service can be used in connection with payment services.

The KAR Account Validation Service processes queries through different channels

Online customer portal

Individual and mass queries via separate log in

Web service

Direct integration in the company’s systems using API

File interface

XML-based file integration with the company’s systems

The KAR Account Validation Service available in the online bank

If you would like the KAR Account Validation Service to be accessible in the online bank, this is completely free to set up. You only pay per query.


Technical documentation

We offer a file-based pre-validation solution where you can easily query a large number of accounts simultaneously. The same service is also available through our pre-validation API.

  • File-based documentation
  • API documentation

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