International payments

Find useful information about cut-off times, value dates and execution times, as well as IBAN and BIC/SWIFT codes for international payments via the Internet bank.

IBAN is now required for payments within Europe and to countries that have introduced IBAN.

Types of payment in the Internet bank

Europe/SEPA payment:

General payments:

  • for payments to countries outside Europe
  • for payments within Europe when European payments cannot be used

Cheques must be used :

  • when the recipient has no bank account
Visit the Internet bank for more information

Read about SEPA here

Sending payments

You need:

  • The payee's IBAN/account number.
    Contact the payee to request this.
  • Your own and the payee's addresses
  • The currency of denomination
  • The receiving bank's  BIC/SWIFT
    Find BIC/SWIFT
  • Information for the Currency Register for amounts cross-border from certains countries:
    • Norway: amount above NOK 100 000
    • Sweden: amount above SEK 150 000

Receiving payments

You need:

  • Your IBAN/account number
     Check your account statement 
  • DNB's BIC/SWIFT address
  • Your name and address
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Corporate customers


Remember to update your accounting system and payee register in the Internet bank. The receiving bank will return the payment if the IBAN or BIC is incorrect.

Further information can be found on our International trade page.