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Smart card use

Get our best tips on how to use a credit card.

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Customer benefits and discounts

Your credit card has a number of customer benefits and discounts which you can use when you use it to pay. Earn EuroBonus points, get discounts at petrol stations, travel insurance included or save money using the many permanent and temporary discounts.

Online shopping with a credit card

Most online shopping is done with a debit card, not a credit card. If you look at the benefits of using your credit card, it’s easy to see it should be the other way around. But remember – pay by the due date to avoid paying interest.

Secure shopping

When you use your credit card, you defer the payment. You also get a bill where you can check whether what you owe matches the product supplied. This gives you extra protection when shopping online.

If the online shop you’re buying from is subject to a data breach, you don’t have to worry about your own money being at risk. The credit card is not connected to your current account – you make your payment afterwards.

Both in the event of fraud, and if you want to complain about a purchase, you have more rights when using a credit card.

Avoid subscription interruptions

Online shopping is just for products, but also for services. You can use a credit card for apps, streaming and other services that require your card details. This way you avoid interruptions to your services if you don’t have enough money in your account .

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Use your credit card when travelling

If you use your credit card in the right way, you can enjoy many benefits before and during the trip.

Earn EuroBonus points

For example, did you know that you can upgrade your Mastercard to give you SAS EuroBonus points on everything you buy? With a Mastercard Upgrade your credit card become a points collector for your next trip in addition to offering many attractive benefits.

Travel insurance included

You should always have travel insurance in place. It applies from the moment you leave home and for every type of trip, from holidays to everyday food shopping. It's still nice to know that when you pay more than half of the trip’s travel costs with your credit card, you get travel insurance included with the purchase.

Take two cards with you but use the debit card as your back-up

It’s always worth having a back-up card in case you’re unlucky enough to lose one while travelling. This will save you the stress of having to get money while you’re away. Use your credit card as your payment card, and save your debit card for when you really need it. – But always remember to pay in the local currency.

Using a credit card as your everyday card when travelling is sensible because you:

  • Can check whether all the transactions are correct when you get home.
  • Get solid security solutions which make it safe to use your card both in store and online, without your own account being debited.
  • Get better appeal options if you’re a victim of fraud.
  • Avoid tying up large amounts in your bank account when paying deposits.
  • Don’t pay any interest costs if you pay back the money before the due date.

Ready to travel?

Read more about smart card use when you are on holiday or abroad.

  • How you should use your card when travelling

Need to block your card?

You can block your card in the mobile bank, online bank or by calling us on +47 915 04800.

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Get notifications of your use

To get full control over your use, text message notifications are a useful tool. Text message notifications ensure that you do not spend more than your finances allow and that your card is not mis-used.

For example, you can set up notifications for when your balance has reached a certain limit, if you have insufficient funds, when your card is used or when money leaves your account. How to set up text message notifications.

Everyday use of your credit card

Remember that using your Mastercard is borrowed money that you get up to 45 days’ interest-free credit on. You receive a bill once a month with 15 days to pay. If you use the credit card the day after the bill, you’ll get the maximum possible payment deferment.

If you pay your bills on time, there’s no reason not to use your credit card for everyday purchases. If you pay the whole bill in one go, you’ll also avoid incurring any interest charges on what you owe.

Remember that when you transfer money from your credit card to your account, you will accrue interest from day one. You will also be charged a fee for cash withdrawals using your credit card. See the price list for cards.

Tap your card

With contactless payment, you don’t need to enter your PIN for smaller amounts.

Want to change your credit limit?

In the online bank, you can reduce your credit limit, or apply to have it increased.

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Price example Pluss Mastercard

Nominal rate 18.60%, APR 20.27%, NOK 30 000 over 12 months. Cost: NOK 3 108. Total: NOK 33 108.

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