e-Confirmation is a straightforward and efficient service available on dnb.no where corporate clients can confirm spot, forward, swap and FX rate agreements entered into with DNB Markets.

pcIn addition, the service contains a sort and search facility for contracts entered into, including pending contracts with future due dates and contracts dating back more than12 months.
An immediate advantage of this service is that a confirmation is sent shortly after a contract has been entered into. The confirmation is read and confirmed electronically. In the event of any discrepancies in the confirmation, the service can be used to communicate with the bank. If you need to retrieve contracts previously entered into or need to find previous confirmations, this can be done simply and swiftly via the contract list.

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If you or your company would like more information on how to use e-Confirmation, please call us on tel.: (+47) 22 01 78 01, or send an e-mail to: vr.markets@dnb.no
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