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This page is aimed at corporations and professional investors.

Bonds and Commercial Papers

We offer capital raising and investment opportunities in the global debt market.

DNB Markets helps you raise capital through bonds and commercial papers
  • Broad coverage of both High Yield and Investment Grade

  • We facilitate all types of commercial papers and bonds

  • One of Norway’s leading analyst teams

Get in contact with Fixed Income Sales
Get in contact with Fixed Income Sales

Loans available through bonds or commercial papers

Both bond loans and commercial paper loans are convertible fixed-income securities. In principle, these loan products are quite similar, but commercial papers have a shorter term and are usually more standardised than bond loans. The loans normally have an interest-only period and are repaid in full when they fall due.

Who needs bond loans?

Typical issuers of bonds are large corporations, banks, mortgage companies, local councils and county councils. A bond loan can be unsecured, secured or guaranteed by a different company to the issuer. For financial institutions, the bond debt is classified in accordance with its own capital adequacy rules. The classification determines the investors’ status in the event of any breach.

How are bonds traded?

Most bonds and commercial papers are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Nordic ABM or international marketplaces. This means that they can be traded through banks and private brokerage houses, such as DNB Markets.

What are bonds and commercial papers?

Both bonds and commercial papers are securities used for financing. They are also called bond loans and commercial paper loans. Bond loans and commercial paper loans are used by municipalities, large companies, banks and other entities as an alternative to normal bank loans, or as an add-on to spread risk related to bank loans.

Prospera - best in HY and IG bonds 2020

We solve your financing needs

Does your business, local council or institution need financing through a bond loan? Our Investment Banking division helps issuers looking for debt capital. Our staff have broad knowledge and experience across a wide range of sectors. Prospera has ranked us the best facilitator of bond and commercial paper loans in Norway, 12 years running.

Contact Investment Banking

Would you like to invest in bonds or commercial papers?

As one of Norway’s largest facilitators of publicly listed loan papers, loan and bond issues are continuously ongoing for other banks, local councils, county councils and larger companies, amongst others. These are open to larger investments. The risk of investing in bonds and commercial papers consists mainly of the issuer’s credit risk. There can also be a liquidity risk depending on how easy they are to trade, and market risk due to price volatility and interest rate risk. Read more.

Prices, terms and agreements

We do not have standardised prices for our bond products. When buying and selling bonds, exchange differences between the buy and sell price vary from trade to trade. Prices for issues are decided directly with the issuer.

Sustainable bonds

DNB is a market leader in the Norwegian market for sustainable bonds. We offer several different types of bonds which are earmarked for investments with both an environmental and a social positive impact.

  • Read more about Sustainable bonds

Read the latest research on DNB Alpha

Reputable credit research

DNB Markets has one of Norway’s most highly-rated research analyst teams, with 14 skilled research analysts on the credit side. Our team has broad product and market experience, and they work closely with the sales force and macro-analysts. Together we cover over 50 individual companies, as well as the rest of the credit market. Every week we publish updates and comments on credit and High Yield. The DNB Alpha research platform gives you access to these reports and comments.

Our Investment Banking services

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