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Spot trading

A spot trade is a contract to buy or sell currency for “immediate” delivery.

DNB Markets offers spot trading for import and export businesses
  • Delivery of currency after trading day + two business days

  • Cover your currency needs when they arise

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When does the need for a spot trade arise?

If you run an import or export business that is affected by exchange rate fluctuations, the need for foreign currency can arise quickly. With a spot trade, you can address your currency requirements in your currency account, as soon as the need arises.

Exchange rate contracts for international transfers

If you need to transfer more than NOK 1 000 000 abroad, we can offer a foreign exchange contract for your payment order. With an exchange rate contract, you lock in the exchange rate for the international payment. Exchange rate contracts are binding and can only be entered into through consultation with a DNB Markets FX broker.

What is spot trading?

A spot trade, or spot transaction, is a contract to buy or sell a security for “immediate” delivery.

Spot trading can be used to buy and sell foreign currency, a financial instrument or a commodity.

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When buying a home abroad, non-professionals may need a spot currency transaction.

Would you like to make a spot transaction as a non-professional?

Get in contact with us by phone on +47-24-16-90-90 if you want to find out about how to make a spot trade or enter into an exchange rate contract as a non-professional.

This may be suitable when buying a holiday home, for example, or other large capital investments abroad.

The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar teaches you how to control financial risk

Our FX and IR Risk Seminar is a practical course for businesses who want better control over financial market risk. The course gives you a basic understanding of the foreign exchange and money markets in addition to the instruments used to control risk.

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