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eConfirmation of foreign exchange and interest rate contracts

This service gives you access to confirm spot, forward and swap contracts, and exchange rate agreements with DNB Markets as the counterparty.

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  • Clear and simple

  • Free of charge

  • Appears automatically in the online bank

Order by email

To order, send us an email with your name and contact details.

Screenshot of e-confirmation in the online bank

eConfirmation in the online bank gives you an overview of your FX contracts and the chance to confirm executed trades.

eConfirmation in the online bank

  • Confirmation of FX contracts via the online bank, regardless of whether the trade is executed online or by phone.
  • The overview can be exported to a spreadsheet.
  • The overview gives you access to your history.

In combination with the trading platform DNB MET - FX trading, corporate customers in DNB can execute FX transactions and confirm them via the online bank.

Two women checking FX contracts directly in their own accounting system

With file-based delivery, you can check FX contracts directly in your company’s accounting system.

FX contracts integrated in the company’s accounting systems

If your company already has access to eConfirmation, you can set up a file-based delivery of the company’s FX contracts directly into your accounting system. Contact us below to get more detailed information on how this works. You will also be able to order integration here.

eConfirmation lets you easily look up contracts in your archive.

Searchable contract overview

The service includes a searchable contract summary which gives you an overview of your contracts, including outstanding contracts with future due dates and past contracts going back one year.

Advantages of using the service

  • Confirmation of the contract will be sent to you as soon as a contract is entered into
  • The confirmation is read and confirmed online
  • The confirmation is used in dialogue with the bank
  • You’ll easily find your contracts and confirmations in the contract summary

Our prices and terms and conditions

Securities trading is subject to strict rules. We’ve gathered all our terms and conditions onto one page. Here you will find our obligations as an investment firm. In addition, you’ll find information on what you, as a customer, are obliged to familiarise yourself with, and what our services cost.

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