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VPS Account and Investor Services

To buy and own securities you must have a VPS account (Norwegian Central Securities Depository account)

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  • We open VPS accounts automatically for new customers*

  • Good overview of your securities

Order equity trading and a VPS account
Order equity trading and a VPS account

*It’s free to become an equity trading customer in DNB

VPS account and trading account

There is a lot of confusion about the different types of accounts and the abbreviations used in equity trading. In simple terms, everyone who buys and sells securities must have two types of account:

  1. A trading account (for money)
  2. A VPS account (for securities)

When you become a DNB customer, you automatically get a trading account connected to Euronext Securities Oslo (VPS) and you will be formally assigned an account manager. Read more about this further down on the page.

Share savings account

If you are trading as a retail customer, you may prefer to trade equity-based products with a share savings account. However, you must be aware that you cannot buy unlisted shares (NOTC), shares on Euronext Growth or shares outside the EU with a share savings account. To do this you must use a normal trading account and a VPS account.

LEI number (for businesses)

Businesses and professional investors who want to trade securities must have an LEI number. LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is a type of international organisation number. Find LEI agents and read more here!

Investor Services – helps you keep track

As a retail customer you get a VPS account when you register as an equity trading customer. You’ll find Investor Services in the online bank under the ‘Saving and investing’ tab. Investor Services show you:

  • overview of holdings and transactions
  • dividend payments
  • return and value
  • securities information
  • subscriptions to share issues (non-professionals)
  • registrations for AGMs
  • annual statement
  • amendment notifications.

Do you want to transfer securities between your own accounts? Or would you like to take part in an ongoing share issue? Log in and go to Investor Services.

NOTE! Corporate customers must order access for each individual user. Retail investors must be DNB customers. See below.

Demo videos

We have made five short demo videos to show you click by click where you'll find "Investor services", how you log in and how to use the services.

Demo videos

Investor Services - Retail Customer

As a DNB retail customer, you already have access to Investor Services in the menu when logged in to the online bank. If you are not already an online banking customer, order access below.

  • Order Investor Services - Retail Customer

Investor Services - Corporate

Corporate customers must order access for each individual user regardless of whether they have online banking or not. Access will be available under the ‘Other services’ menu option.

Forms and agreements

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What you should know about VPS accounts

A securities account, also known as a VPS account, stores your shares. When you buy shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange, these shares are registered with the Euronext Securities Oslo (VPS).

For example, if you have invested in a startup, this limited company can decide whether they want to be registered in Euronext Securities Oslo or not. If the company is registered there, or plans to be, you must have a VPS account. If you have a VPS account in DNB, we are your account manager. The account is thus provided by Euronext Securities Oslo but managed by us. As a DNB customer you only need to liaise with us.

With a Euronext Securities Oslo-connected account, you can also trade unlisted shares, and shares on approved exchanges outside of the EU. All securities you trade with your VPS account are registered with Euronext Securities Oslo (VPS). If you make a trade, you will receive an amendment notification from Euronext Securities Oslo which shows what your new portfolio looks like. Euronext Securities Oslo also keeps track of dividends etc.

Become a DNB customer and get a VPS account

Euronext Securities Oslo VPS account and Investor Services

Prices and Terms and Conditions

Opening a VPS account is free of charge. If the value of the account exceeds NOK 100 000 as of 31.12, an annual fee will apply. See the full price list, terms and conditions and agreements by clicking below.

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