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Saving for a pension

Save for a pension – and you’ll have more to live off in the future.

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What do you need to think about before you start saving?

Your pension is the money you will live on in the future. The National Insurance Scheme contributes one part, the employer contributes one part and you need to save the rest yourself. There are many ways to save for your pension. You need to find the way that suits you best. Things to bear in mind:

  • How long are you going to save for?
  • How many shares and fixed-income securities are you comfortable having in your savings?
  • How much are able to set aside per month?
  • Do you want to tie up your savings until you retire?

What is the best way to save for a pension?

The best pension savings scheme is the one that gives you the opportunity to reach the amount you need for a long life as a pensioner. If you’re going to save for longer than 6-7 years, you should choose equity funds or pension insurance. This will probably give you the biggest possible pension.

Start saving for a pension now

The most important step when saving for a pension is getting started! Start saving for a pension now and you’ll have more to live off in the future

Which steps should I take?

Saving for a pension in mutual funds

There are many ways to save for a pension, and saving in mutual funds is one option. You don’t receive any tax assets on your savings, but you have the flexibility of withdrawing the money when you want to.

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Tied-up pension savings in an individual pension savings (IPS) account

There are many ways to save for your pension. Saving in mutual funds in an individual pension savings (IPS) with a tax deferment is perhaps the best known. Here the money is tied up, and you can start disbursements when you reach the age of 62.

The advantage of IPS (individual pension savings) is that you get deferred taxes.

Have you influenced your pension?

Everyone who has a defined-contribution pension at DNB is the manager of their own pension. It can therefore be a good idea to know where the money is invested – it can make a big difference to your pension disbursements.

Picture of someone sitting on the floor with the Spare app on their mobile

The Spare app

Download the savings app Spare and within a couple of minutes, you’ll already be on your way to saving for a pension.

  • Download Spare

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