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Pensjonskonto Flex

For those who wish to move their pension account to DNB. Or for those of you who have your own pension account with us and want access to a larger investment universe.

Behnaz Ganji
  • Possibility of better returns, you can choose how the money is invested

  • Wide selection of pension profiles and competitive mutual funds

  • Combine a pension with other savings in the Spare app

Open a Pensjonskonto Flex
Open a Pensjonskonto Flex

Can only be set up in the Spare app on mobile or tablet, or when logged in to the online bank.

On a mobile or tablet?

  • Open a Pensjonskonto Flex

On a computer?

  • Open a Pensjonskonto Flex

Choose Pensjonskonto Flex in DNB

You will receive your own pension account where you have a defined-contribution pension, but you are free to choose where and how your money will be managed. If you choose to move, you will get a pension account that we’ve decided call Pensjonskonto Flex. This is also an option for those who already have a pension account with us and who want more investment opportunities than the employer has in their agreement.

Pensjonskonto Flex gives you access to a wide selection of pension profiles and competitive mutual funds. You’ll get good advice from our pension experts and an overview of your pension in the Spare app.

The management fee of Pensjonskonto Flex must be covered by you, but you will receive compensation from your employer. You are responsible for comparing costs before you set up Pensjonskonto Flex.

Funds you can choose

DNB explains Pensjonskonto Flex (in Norwegian only)

Get more information about the options with the Pensjonskonto Flex (in Norwegian only)

Historical returns are no guarantee of future returns. Future returns will depend, among other things, on market developments, the skill of the Portfolio Manager, the mutual fund’s risk, and the management fees. Returns may be negative as a result of mark-to-market losses.

How much does a Pensjonskonto Flex cost?

Setting up a Pensjonskonto Flex does not cost anything. The management cost you pay will depend on how you want to invest the money and the current price list in DNB at all times.

See the price list for the Pensjonskonto Flex

What the pension account and Pensjonskonto Flex have in common:

  • You must be employed in a company with a defined-contribution pension
  • You pay the costs for the administration of accrued pension benefits from previous employers yourself
  • Your pension capital certificates are collected automatically in the agreement
  • The money is locked in until retirement age
  • You will be given access to pension profiles
  • The agreement can be moved to wherever you want at any time

If you have a defined-contribution pension, you receive a pension account automatically. If you want a Pensjonskonto Flex, this is something you have to make the choice to switch to.

What is the difference between a pension account and Pensjonskonto Flex?

Pension accountPensjonskonto Flex

The pension account follows your employment

No, your pension will remain with DNB irrespective of where your employer has its pension scheme

Your current employer pays the costs for the savings they have for you

No, but you will receive compensation that corresponds to what the employer would pay for standard management with their supplier

Investment options

You only get access to pension profiles and mutual funds that the employer offers in its pension scheme

You will be given access to a wide selection of pension profiles and mutual funds

Do you have a defined-contribution pension with us?

Then you will also have your own pension account with us.

Pension provider

The pension agreement is provided by DNB Livsforsikring AS.

Pensjonskonto Flex FAQs


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