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Pension account

A pension account is something you will receive if you have a defined-contribution pension through your current employer.

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  • Good management of your pension

  • Helpful advice from our experts

  • Full overview of your pension in the Spare app

Advantages of own pension account in DNB

You are free to choose your own pension provider. Below you can see what advantages you have by holding your pension account with us:

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Good management of your pension

You get access to a large range of savings and investments with a good selection of mutual funds. Choose yourself how your pension is to be invested, and our skilled managers will ensure that your money is well looked after.

Helpful advice from our experts

Our pensions team will give you good advice and answer your questions. We help you make the right choices so you can do what you enjoy best – including in the future.

Do you want to move your pension account to your employer’s agreement in DNB?

If your employer has pension savings at DNB, you can easily move your pension account from another provider to us.

Order the transfer of your pension account to the employer’s agreement in the online bank.

Full overview of your pension in the savings app Spare

In the Spare app you can see your pension and pension profile. In addition, you can see how much the employer saves you and change the pension profile. The Spare app is available to everyone, including people who are not DNB customers. In the Spare app you can go to My Pension to watch the video about what your own pension account means for you.

Get updates on how your savings are going

What the pension account and Pensjonskonto Flex have in common:

  • You must be employed in a company with a defined-contribution pension
  • You pay the costs for the administration of accrued pension benefits from previous employers yourself
  • Your pension capital certificates are collected automatically in the agreement
  • The money is locked in until retirement age
  • You will be given access to pension profiles
  • The agreement can be moved to wherever you want at any time

If you have a defined-contribution pension, you receive a pension account automatically. If you want a Pensjonskonto Flex, this is something you have to make the choice to switch to.

What is the difference between a pension account and Pensjonskonto Flex?

Pension­accountPensjons­konto Flex

The pension­account follows your employment­relationship

No, your pension will remain with DNB irrespective of where your employer has its pension scheme

Your current employer pays the costs for the savings they have for you

No, but you will receive compensation that corresponds to what the employer would pay for standard management with their supplier

Investment options

You only get access to pension profiles and mutual funds that the employer offers in its pension scheme

You will be given access to a wide selection of pension profiles and mutual funds

Pensjonskonto Flex

If you want access to a wide range of investments, our self-selected solution Pensjonskonto Flex may be something for you. If you want a Pensjonskonto Flex, this is something you have to make the choice to switch to.

  • Read more about the Pensjonskonto Flex

Own pension account

In early 2021, everyone who had a defined-contribution pension own pension account – fully automatic. The defined-contribution pensions are then brought together pension capital certificate are thus gathered in one place. This gives you a better overview, lower costs and the chance to build a larger pension pot.

Pension provider

The pension agreement is provided by DNB Livsforsikring AS.

Terms (in Norwegian only):

Own pension account FAQs

Not sure what you have?

On Norsk Pensjon's website you will find an overview of your pension capital certificates


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