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How to log in

Log in method
What you need

BankID Code device and Personal Password.

Your chosen Personal Password may consist of numbers and/or letters. The password can be changed during login.
DNB has two different types of code devices. As a customer you receive only one of these.
Code deviceCode calculator

If you have ordered BankID in another bank, you can use this to log in to DNB's Internet bank.
BankID on your mobile

Use your mobile phone as a "code device".
A mobile phone, a SIM card and ID-pin.

Your ID-pin is a personal pin of 4-8 digits that you enter on your mobile phone.
Requires a Norwegian mobile phone number.

If you have ordered BankID on your mobile in another bank, you can use this to log in to DNB's Internet bank.
Password calculator / Code device
Personal code and code device.

Personal code of 4 digits. The personal code can be changed in Settings when logged in.
Requires a code device or password calculator issued by DNB.

Need a new code device?
Call us on 915 04800 (+47 915 04800 from abroad), and we will help you.

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Frequently asked questions about BankID

Error code BID 1439

Error code BID 1439 usually occurs if you enter a wrong one time code from your code device several times. This usually happens if you:
  • have different code devices and use a wrong one
  • also have BankID from another bank and forget to choose DNB in the first step of the login procedure


Call us on 915 04800 (+47 915 04800 from abroad), and we will help you.

Error code BID 2031

Error code BID 2031 usually occurs due to two main reasons:

1. You are using Internet Explorer 9, 10 or 11 on a computer at work
In order to use BankID on your computer at work, IT Support needs to include the following url: https://csfe.bankid.no in Trusted sites for Internet Explorer. More information is available (in Norwegian) at bankid.no

2. You are using a browser that is not resently updated
You need to update your browser to a newer version. You can do this by clicking "settings" and "about" in most common browsers to check for updates manually.

Error code BID 5000

Error code BID 5000 may occur when you try to log in with BankID. This often means that the browser you are using is blocking third-party cookies.

To solve the problem, you can:

  • Allow third-party cookies by changing browser settings
  • Log in with BankID on mobile or Without BankID
  • Use our Mobile bank
  • Try another browser

What is BankID and how does it work?

BankID is a personal and simple electronic proof of identity for secure identification and signing online. In the physical world you identify yourself with a passport or bank card. In the electronic world you may use your BankID to certify your identity.

Your BankID is personal and must not be transferred, entrusted to or used by anyone other than you. Passwords, personal codes and other security procedures shall not be revealed to anyone, including the police, the Bank or members of the Customer's household.

Read about BankID, BankID on your mobile and more information on bankid.no

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Order BankID on your mobile

With BankID on your mobile you always have an alternative to your code device when you need to visit the internet bank or shop online. This is how you do it:

Step 1
  • Log in to your internet bank - Click Settings and BankID mobile in the menu
  • You need your mobile phone present during this process

Step 2

  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Remember to disable the screen saver before you start the order process

Common issues and how to solve them

If you have problems using BankID on your mobile to log in, please read the following tips:

Turn your mobile phone off and on again
  • This will often fix temporary problems caused by communication errors between your SIM card, the internet bank and your mobile operator

Ordered/Received a new SIM card?

  • If you have ordered or received a new SIM card, you need to log in to the internet bank with another log in method, delete your BankID mobile and then order it again
  • Log in, click Settings and choose BankID mobile
  • Click the Delete BankID on your mobile-button and follow the instructions on the screen

Error message when ordering BankID on your mobile

  • This may indicate a problem with your SIM card or your mobile subscription
  • Please contact your mobile operator for further assistance.
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