Our Ung banking package includes a current account, bank cards and Internet banking, all free of charge.

Ung is for you between 18 and 28.


  • Current account **
  • Internet and mobile banking
  • Visa card
  • Mastercard (optional)
  • Emergency cash - if you were to lose your bank cards abroad
  • Text banking wherever you are and whenever you want (in Norwegian only)
  • Travel and cancellation insurance *

* applies only when a minimum of 50% of the transportation costs are paid in advance with one of these cards, or charged to the Student account.

** With a Ung package, you can easily open new accounts in the Internet bank. If you require an extra account from which to pay your bills, we recommend that you open a new current account. If you would like to put some money aside, you can open a savings account.



for use of current account, cards*, Internet and mobile banking, text banking and annual Mastercard fee.

*1.99% currency conversion fee outside Norway

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Not sure if you need a Mastercard?

When you open a Ung package, you can decide whether to apply for a Mastercard as part of this package.

There are several good reasons why you should consider having a Mastercard. For example, having two bank cards, Visa and Mastercard, gives you added security when travelling.

Click here if you would like more advice on credit card use

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for DNB Visa and Mastercard (pdf)