We all need to pay bills, and we want to do it in a easy way. Below you can find out which payment solutions we can offer. Find the solution that suits you best.
AvtaleGiro and eFaktura
AvtaleGiro (direct debit) and eFaktura (eInvoice) are the easiest ways to pay bills. You need not fill in the account number and KID (customer identification number), and the bills will be paid on time. AvtaleGiro and eFaktura
Internet banking services
The Internet bank gives you easy access to your accounts, cards, payments and everyday banking services. In addition, it gives you a total overview of your customer relationship in DNB. More information about Internet banking
International payments
You can use the Internet bank to securely transfer funds to a payee's account in another country. Information abount International payments
Mobile services
Our mobile services make it easy for you to check your account balance, transfer money and pay bills. Information about mobile services
Telephone banking services
The telephone banking service enables you to check your balance and transfer money between your own accounts - 24 hours a day, every day. Information about telephone banking service

Enjoy everyday banking - free of charge

Our banking packages include a current account, card and Internet bank services. The banking services you use the most, such as debit card purchases and bill payments using the Internet bank are free of charge.

Find out which package that suits you the best