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Link Kapital is a form of long-term mutual fund savings. Mutual fund savings offer a high level of flexibility and favourable tax rules. Invest a lump sum, or set up a savings scheme – you can choose from a number of mutual funds.

Suitable if you:

  • Want easy access to a number of mutual funds
  • Want to be able to change mutual funds without incurring new subscription fees or  taxes
  • Do not want a minimum holding period
  • Want access to DNB’s discretionary managed mutual funds
  • Want to save a monthly amount of minimum NOK 500 or a lump sum of NOK 10 000

Not suitable if you:

  • Prefer a low-risk investment
  • Have a short-term savings perspective

Prices Link Kaptial

Fees depend on the amount deposited.

Deposit fees:

NOK 0–1 million: 3.0%

NOK 1 million–4 million: 1.5%

More than NOK 4 million: 0.5%

Annual management fee: Depends on composition of the mutual fund investment portfolio

Annual administration fee: 0.9%

Contract changes: NOK 500

PensionSpar allows you to invest in a range of mutual funds. The portfolio is managed in the same way as many companies’ defined contribution pension plans.

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Investment Account
Would you like to trade mutual funds while deferring taxation? An Investment Account may be what you are looking for.

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You can choose between the following portfolio managers:

  • Alfred Berg Kapitalforvaltning AS
  • DNB Asset Management
  • Aberdeen Asset Management
  • BlackRock
  • East Capital
  • FIM
  • BNP Paribas Investment Partners
  • Holberg Fondene
  • Fidelity Investments
  • ODIN Forvaltning AS
  • JP Morgan Asset Management
  • SKAGEN Fondene
  • Morgan Stanley Asset Management
  • Pareto Forvaltning AS
  • Storebrand Kapitalforvaltning
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