Questions about account maintenance

How do I see who sent a payment that has been credited to an account?

Have the account number, date and amount ready and call us on (+47 915) 04800 24 hours a day, every day.
If you subscribe to DNB Connect (internet bank), click on the menu selection "incoming payments" for a list of received paymentes.

How do I open a new account?

If you are authorised to use DNB Connect, and have been designated as an Orderer, you can easily open new accounts in DNB Connect. The account will be accessible in the online banking service right away.

You can open several types of accounts: Operating Account, Tax Deduction Account, Investment/Savings Account, Client Account and Foreign Currency Account. 

Do you want to subscribe to the online banking service? Call DNB Customer Service on (+47 915) 04800.

I want to change the address on a corporate account. How do I proceed?

You must send the bank written notice of your change of address, unless the new address has been reported to and registered in the Norwegian register of Business Enterprises in Brønnøysund. If so, the bank will register the change of address on the basis of an e-mail from your company. Commercial customers should send any notice of change of address by post to:

Account Administration
N-0021 Oslo

How do I change the persons who are authorised to operate an account?

For security reasons changes of authorised signatories must be sent to the bank in writing.

Call Corporate Customer Service on telephone number (+47 915) 04800 and we will send you a signature card. The signature card must contain the signatures of everyone who is authorised to operate the account and must be signed by someone who is authorised to sign for the company or other duly authorised person according to the company memorandum and articles of association.

The signature card must be sent/delivered to the bank together with certified copies of the identification documents of all the persons authorised to operate the account (except any who have already presented proof of identity to the bank that has been duly registered by the bank).

How do I order a paper copy of a bank statement?

Call Corporate Customer Service on telephone number (+47 915) 04800.

If you subscribe to the Mailbox and Archive services in DNB Connect we recommend that you get retrieve any missing statements or vouchers through the online banking service.

Please note that you will be charged a fee if you order copies from the bank. In addition, the person ordering the copy must be authorised to operate the account in order for the bank to process the request.
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