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Group account

A group account is an effective instrument for bringing together the company’s liquidity.

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  • Effective liquidity handling

  • Better monitoring and reporting of the whole group’s working capital

  • Reduced commission and interest costs

A group account system offers better liquidity control

In a group, there’s often surplus liquidity in some of the companies, while other companies have a liquidity shortage. But building up a group account system, the group can ensure it uses internal surplus liquidity before drawing on external credit.

A group account earns interest and motivates the subsidiaries to use capital resources efficiently.

Advantages of a group account system:

  • better monitoring and control of business units and subsidiaries
  • better control of the group’s currency exposure
  • better use of the group’s working capital
  • reduced capital costs as a result of a reduced need for credit
  • reduced interest costs/increased interest income as a result of balance sheet netting
  • advanced and detailed reports are available in DNB Finsight.

Setting up a group account system

The company must be an independent legal entity or defined as a group under the Norwegian Private Limited Liability Companies Act. Any foreign participants must satisfy legislation in their home country.

Your customer adviser will help you open a group account system.

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