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Pensions for those who are self-employed

Savings that are suitable for freelancers, those with sole proprietorships or who run a business in addition to having a job.

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  • Get up to 50 per cent of your savings in tax deductions

  • You decide yourself how the money will be managed

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Save for your own pension

Being self-employed has its benefits, but in terms of pensions, it’s not a major advantage. To ensure you get a retirement pension in addition to the National Insurance Scheme it’s therefore up to you to sort this out. With a defined-contribution pension you can get up to 50 per cent of your savings in tax deductions. The more you take out in salary, the more you save in tax. You can save up to 7 per cent of your salary for your pension between 1–12 G

Who is this suitable for?

This is a form of saving that is best suited to self-employed people, freelancers, people with sole proprietorships or who run a business alongside their job.

  • If you have a salary of over 7.1 G we recommend you begin this saving.
  • If you have a salary between 6 and 7.1 G, you can think about beginning this saving.

The DNB savings app Spare

In the Spare app you can start pension savings yourself with mutual funds and shares. You can also buy, sell and switch equity funds and shares as you go.

Grunnbeløpet (G)

Per 1. mai 2024 er 1G kr 124 028.

Frequently asked questions about pensions for self-employed people

Our pension products

Pension provider

The pension agreement is provided by DNB Livsforsikring AS.

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