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We offer a range of accounts to suit your company´s daily operations, savings and investment needs.
Accounts for a company's daily operations
Current account
A day-to-day operating account for the company. This account can be used for all incoming and outgoing payments, and can be linked to different payment services the company needs.
Tax deduction account
For tax deductions only, used by employers for depositing withholding tax in accordance with Norwegian  tax legislation.
Savings and investment
Savings account corporate
Offers a favourable interest rate for surplus liquid funds. The interest rate will increase according to the size of the deposit, and there are 12 charge-free withdrawals each year.

  Fixed-rate deposits
A secure investment option. The interest rate and the deposit are fixed for an agreed period. Suitable for companies that prefer predictable returns and no risk.
Other accounts Currency account
For settlements and transactions in a specified currency.
Client account
Often used by attorneys and real estate brokers to manage their clients' accounts.

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