Tax withholding account

You need this type of account if your company makes salary or pension payments. The account is only used to deposit tax deducted from such payments. You can keep track of the tax deductions through the Internet banking service.

Suitable for enterprises that:

  • Pay salaries or pension to employees who pay tax
  • Have a company that is required to withhold tax according to the Norwegian Tax Act
  • Want to have an overview of tax withholdings in the Internet banking service
  • Want a secure account for deposits of withheld tax that meets legal requirements

How to open an account:

You can open the account through the internet bank, DNB Connect.

Important information for those who open tax withholding account:

  • Deposited tax withholdings belong to the authorities and may not be used freely.
  • According to the Norwegian Tax Act, withheld tax is to be paid to the municipal treasurer in six annual instalments. Such payments can be made through the company’s Internet banking subscription in DNB Connect.

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