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Participate in forums, increase you insight and expand your network in our Treasury Community.

This is how it works

A digital community is an arena where people with similar interests can meet, share challenges and ideas, ask questions and help others. By being part of the community, you are part of a network.

Treasury Community will focus on topics related to finance, liquidity, forecasting, risk, import, export and other relevant subjects.

You will reach people in DNB with spesific skills and you can establish relations across nations. There will be content and discussions in english or scandinavian.

Treasury Community

how to subscribe

Automatic updates - Subscribe

The Treasury Community consists of a Forum and a Blog, you can subscribe on updates in both.

It’s simple, do the following:
  1. Click “Options” top right corner in the Forum or Blog
  2. Choose “Subscribe”

That’s it, now you will receive automatic updates on your registered email, if somebody posts something interesting.

Ps. When you post something, you will automatically get updates on any comments.


Why register a profile?

The community is open for all, but if you want to comment, ask questions or post a forum-tread, you need to register as a user.

» Today the registration is in Norwegian, but if you get into trouble try this.

What role does DNB have in the community?

In the community you will meet people with different skills, representing DNB. On a daily basis we work with Treasury and cash management, Trade Finance, Markets and in other relevant fields. We will contribute with content and follow up on any questions or discussions when relevant.

Our job is to contribute in making this a useful and relevant network for you. The community will not be a place for marketing, sales or customer support.

» If you have any comments or questions, please leave us a comment.