Foreign exchange and treasury activities

DNB markets dealingroom
DNB Markets deals with all issues concerning foreign exchange and treasury activities in the DNB group.
DNB Markets covers all time zones through the offices in London, New York, and Singapore and its head office in Norway. This global network provides a 24-hour dealing service that allows us to support our Norwegian and Shipping customers in the management of their foreign exchange and interest rate exposures.
DNB Markets' size together with our flexible and focused approach allows us to personalize our services.

Many highly competent dealers

We have approximately 100 dealers covering our customers’ interest rate product needs. We can offer services in a number of areas, ranging from tailored risk management solutions to a 24-hour order taking service.

Extensive market coverage

DNB Markets is a market maker in every market, an innovator within structured products and offers a full range of products within interest rate and commodity derivatives. We have a dedicated analysis team in the field of trade cycle monitoring and forecasting, as well as commodity markets.

Risk Advisory

DNB Markets’ Risk Advisory unit assists customers in managing financial risk, focusing on fixed income, currency and commodity exposure. A wide range of services are offered from identifying and quantifying risk to shaping and implementing financial strategies.

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Foreign exchange, interest rate products and services

Foreign exchange and interest rates
  • Today's and historical
  • NIDR overnight
Online FX trading
Markets Electronic Trading (DNB MET) is the service our clients use to perform spot, forward outright and currency swap transactions in more than 20 currencies and more than 100 different combinations.
Is a straightforward and efficient service available on where clients can confirm deals done with DNB Markets.
FX trading
DNB Markets can offer several products for trading in foreign exchange.
FX and interest rate hedging
DNB Markets can offer a variety of forms of FX and interest rate hedging.
FX and interest rate strategy
DNB Markets offers advice in designing and implementing interest rate and currecy strategies.