Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Hedging

DNB markets dealingroomDNB Markets offers a variety of forms of foreign exchange and interest rate hedging.
Foreign Exchange Hedging Forwards
A forward transaction is an agreement between the bank and the client to buy or sell a currency amount at a specified point in time in the future. This is relevant for clients who wish to hedge their future income and expenditure in foreign currency.
An FX/Currency options allow a company to protect itself from undesirable exchange.
Interest Rate Hedging Forward rate agreements - F.R.A. 
A simple way to protect yourself against sizeable fluctuations in the interest rate market is to enter into an interest rate agreement with the bank for a certain amount of time.
Interest rate swap
If a company is looking for long-term interest rate hedging an interest rate swap is one alternative.
Interest rate options
A company that wants long-term hedging of interest rates without being tied to a fixed interest rate can purchase interest rate options.
Interest rate swaption
An interest rate swaption is an option that protects against an increase (for purchasers/borrowers) or decline (for sellers/lenders) in the interest rate swap rate.