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Storage insurance for deregistered vehicles

When you deregister your vehicle, the insurance will transfer to storage insurance.

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  • Avoid paying road traffic insurance tax

  • Terminate the vehicle’s liability coverage

  • Reduce the price of insurance

Contact us for insurance

Are you going to register a vehicle again? Please get in touch to insure it again.

What is storage insurance?

When you temporarily deregister your vehicle or another vehicle with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, we are notified of this. If you have mini-comprehensive, comprehensive or fully comprehensive, you’ll keep the coverage on your vehicle as storage insurance when you deregister. The only difference is that we end the liability coverage and road traffic insurance tax.

Because even if the vehicle is not in use, damage can occur. In this way, we ensure that you keep your insurance in place as storage insurance, while avoiding unnecessary costs for a vehicle that is not on the road.

Storage insurance applies to vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, ATVs, tractors and snowmobiles.

How does storage insurance work?

Storage insurance for unregistered vehicles

If you already have an unregistered car, motorcycle or other vehicle, you can insure it with separate storage insurance. The insurance covers your vehicle against fire and theft while it is in storage.

We have two types of storage insurance:

  • Storage insurance for deregistered vehicles
  • Storage insurance for unregistered vehicles

What’s the difference?

Storage insurance for deregistered vehicles is automatically provided when you temporarily deregister the vehicle you have already insured with us.

Storage insurance for an unregistered vehicle can be purchased when insuring an already unregistered car, motorcycle, or other vehicle.

Remove the licence plates

It may be a good idea to remove the licence plates from unregistered or temporarily deregistered vehicles, to avoid you or others accidentally using the vehicle without the necessary insurance.


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