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Courses and Events

We assist anyone who wants to learn more, and create meeting places for investors and businesses

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  • Everything you need to start investing

  • A range of courses on interest rate and commodity risk for businesses

  • Events and meeting places for investors and businesses

Interest Rates and Foreign Exchange FAQs

If you have any questions about foreign exchange and interest rates, or are curious about FX trading, you will find the answers on this page.

  • Read more about interest rates and FX

Shares and Stock Exchange FAQs

For those of you who wish to start trading stocks and shares, or for those who are just curious, we have gathered answers to frequently asked questions, demo videos and other educational material on one page.

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We have created a guide that teaches you everything you need to know to start investing.

Are you completely new to investing?

If you are someone who is wondering what investing really is, or if you are unsure what would be wise to invest in, we have put together a simple guide. Click through and learn the very basics of investing before you invest your money in anything.

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Investment School - Webinar

The Investment School is suitable for non-professionals who want to learn more about shares, the stock exchange and equity trading. We show you how to start your investment journey, step by step.

NB! The webinar is held in Norwegian, but you may send in questions in English.

The Commodity School

The Commodity School is aimed at professionals who want to learn how to manage the risks involved when a company buys and sells commodities.

FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar

FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is aimed at professionals who want to learn how to manage the risks associated with changes to interest rates and/or foreign exchange rates.


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Corporate Access

Our Corporate Access department works as a link between investors and businesses and organises both local and international roadshows, investor and company meetings, seminars, conferences and other meeting places between investors and businesses.

To get access to our events, you need to log in to our research platform DNB Alpha.

What can you invest in through DNB?

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