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Exchange-traded funds and notes

We offer exchange-traded products – leveraged and non-leveraged – adapted to short-term and long-term investments.

Markets DNB.no
  • Low priced

  • Allows you to take a position in different markets, e.g. commodities or real estate

  • Some products can be leveraged

Become an equity trading customer
Become an equity trading customer

Exchange-traded products can be bought via our equity trading service.

What is an exchange-traded product?

ETPs is a collective term for ETFs and ETNs, exchange-traded funds and exchange-traded notes. These products allow you to invest in securities that are normally not available to private investors.

We offer ETPs with shares, indices or commodities as underlying assets. ETPs allow you to bet on whether you think there will be a price increase or decrease in a market. You can also leverage your investment, if you really feel confident about it.

Where do you buy ETPs?

You can buy ETPs when logged in to our equity trading service in the same way that you trade shares. On our platform, you will find both index funds (ETFs) and riskier leveraged products such as Bull and Bear (ETNs). The prices will vary according to supply and demand in the underlying market.

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Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) give simple access to different markets.

ETFs: When you want to spread the risk

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) give you the best of both worlds: The flexibility of a share and the risk diversification of a mutual fund. An ETF is a fund that is listed on the stock exchange, just like an individual stock. When a fund is exchange-traded it means that the price of a share will change in line with the index that the fund is mirroring. ETFs give you access to markets you could otherwise not invest in as a non-professional.

Read more about ETFs here
A bull toy hanging over a screen

The Bull symbolises an uptrend in the stock market.

Bull and Bear ETNs for investors with a higher appetite for risk

We offer exchange-traded notes (ETNs) from a number of providers. The risk involved in any of these is very high, some might say speculative. This is especially true of the leveraged Bull and Bear products.

By investing in these you can reap massive rewards, but you can also lose more than you invested. Before you invest you must therefore be familiar with the properties and conditions of purchase of the product in question.

Our prices and terms and conditions

Securities trading is subject to strict rules. We’ve gathered all our terms and conditions onto one page. Here you will find our obligations as an investment firm. In addition, you’ll find information on what you, as a customer, are obliged to familiarise yourself with, and what our services cost.

Our exchange-traded products

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