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Foreign exchange and interest rates

Trading in foreign exchange and interest rates creates opportunities for both international investments and risk management.

In DNB Markets, you can trade in foreign exchange and fixed-income securities. Illustrative photo dollar and rupee Illustration photos dollars and rupees
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You’ll find contact information for the various departments for foreign exchange (FX) further down the page.

Currency lists

Here you will find indicative rates on different exchange rates. Please note that exchange rates are constantly changing, and that deviations from the rates shown will occur.

  • Currency lists

Foreign Exchange (FX) trading

If you need to buy currencies on a one-off or continuous basis, we offer a number of solutions. We also offer FX trading for businesses. Get access to the latest market news and research

Currency hedging

We offer various services, as well as consultancy services for companies exposed to foreign currencies. If your operations are affected, we can limit fluctuations or eliminate risks.

Interest rate hedging

If changes in the market rates affect your business, we offer FX Risk Management through hedging instruments, services and advice.

Foreign exchange trading and international payments

DNB Markets help companies and private individuals who want to trade FX and fixed-income securities

We help your company manage risk related to changes in foreign exchange rates or fixed-income securities.

We offer foreign exchange trading for businesses and professional investors.

Companies usually trade currency based on commercial needs or to control risk. Investors trade currency to earn money on exchange rate fluctuations. FX trading involves very high risk.

Frequently asked questions on interest rates and foreign exchange can be found on the FX and interest rates from A to ZOn this page, you’ll also find information on making international payments and a selection of definitions and clarifications related to the foreign exchange and interest rate markets.

Develop a strategy for managing FX risk

Fluctuations in exchange rates and interest rates can have significant consequences for a business. Risk Advisory can develop a strategy that ensures a high level of predictability by either partly or fully eliminating interest rate and FX risk.

The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is for anyone who wants to learn how to manage risks

The FX and Interest Rate Risk Seminar is for anyone wanting to expand their expertise of financial management. The seminar provides a thorough understanding of interest rates and the foreign exchange markets.

Contact information foreign exchange and interest rates

Foreign exchange and interest rate products and services

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