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How to start trading shares – click by click

Below we show you how to get started on equity trading, whether you already have equity trading or want to order access.

How to buy shares

Eight instructional videos (with English subtitles)

Episode 1: Trading account

To buy and sell equities, you will need a trading account. Should you choose ASK or an ordinary equities trading account?

Episode 2: Share savings account

You can trade equities with a share savings account (ASK). We show click by click how to open an ASK account with VPS.

Episode 3: Ordinary account

To trade abroad or in unlisted shares you will need an ordinary equities trading account (separate from your ASK). We show you how to create such an account.

Episode 4: VPS account

We explain the difference between a trading account for buying and selling, and a VPS account for registering securities.

Episode 5: How to buy?

We show you click by click how to buy an equity in our equity trading service at dnb.no.

Episode 6: How to sell?

We show you click by click how to sell an equity in our equity trading service at dnb.no.

Episode 7: Foreign trading

To trade on foreign exchanges, you will need a dedicated separate account. We show you how to order such an account.

Episode 8: Change active order

If you have placed a buy or sell order that has not yet gone through, you can still change it. We show you how.

How to get started trading shares

Young man who wants to buy shares in an issue. This is where he is shown how to.

Do you want to buy shares in an issue?

On our IPO and issues page you can get an explanation on how to subscribe to an equity issue. We explain how you can buy both in an IPO or issue arranged by us and in issues arranged by others.

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Levi and Sindre explain

What is the brokerage fee?

There is a cost associated with buying and selling shares and other securities on the stock exchange Sindre explains to Levi what and how.

Why is real time smart?

Levi is new to the stock market and wants to know why real-time prices are so important?

How to get the best price?

Smart Order Routing is a competitive advantage at DNB Markets. Sindre explains how Levi can secure the lowest possible price for the shares he wants to buy.

Do you have further questions?

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