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Equity trading service

As a retail customer, you can buy and sell shares in real time on the Oslo Stock Exchange. You can also trade in foreign shares.

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  • Free real-time prices and recommendations

  • SOR (Smart Order Router) secures you the best price on shares when buying and selling

  • Support when you need it

Become a customer

It is free of charge to become a customer. Costs are not incurred until you make a trade.

How much are your shares worth right now?


Real time prices and online trading on the go in our app Spare.

As a customer of DNB's equity trading service, you get a full overview of your shares and can see how the value changes in real-time on the Oslo Stock Exchange. If the shares have been traded through another provider, it is easy to move your shareholdings to us. We provide you with weekly recommendations, company news, research and reports and more.

Having an overview is free. Costs only occur when trading.

How to buy shares

Log in to the online equity trading service

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DNB News · 5 min reading time
DNB Nyheter articles
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With DNB’s unique technology, you will get the lowest possible price on the shares you want to buy. (Ill: NTB)

You always get the lowest possible price

With our SOR – Smart Order Router – the prices and availability of the shares are checked in a number of market places in a fraction of a second. A bit like an ultra-quick price hunt algorithm. Your purchase order is then filled at the lowest possible price. When you sell it works in the opposite way, SOR secures you the highest price. The trade fee you pay can be quickly saved.

Prospera has named us the best brokerage house in Norway for eight years in a row, much thanks to SOR.

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Move your share savings account

With a share savings account at DNB, you get full access to all of your mutual funds and shares in the online bank and in the savings app Spare. If you have a share savings account somewhere else, move it to DNB!

  • Move your account

Introductional videos

Brokerage, Real-time, SOR… what do they all mean, and how do you actually buy and sell? We have made a series of introdutional videos that explains and show what it is and what to do.

Alle videos are currently only in Norwegian.

How much does it cost to trade equities?

NOK 1 (or 0.05 %)*

*NOK 1 or 0.05 % of orders applies for our UNG customer programme (for customers aged 18-28). See full price lists here.

Free beginners course - in Norwegian

With low interest rates and an increased awareness of their own finances, more and more people are investing in shares and equity funds. Investing in shares is not difficult, but there are a few things you should familiarise yourself with before you get started.

Each month, we run a digital course for our customers. All you need to sign up is a share savings account or a trading account with us, and an email address.

The course is held in Norwegian.


Buy shares on international stock exchanges

In DNB, you can trade on 15 stock exchanges in 13 different countries. Read more about this on our international trading page.

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