DNB cards for children

mann sammen med barn
Are you aged 6 to 18? Then choose our Intro banking package for all your banking needs: bank accounts, debit card and Internet banking.
My First Card suits everyone between 6 and 12 years of age.
The Youth Card
suits everyone between 13 and 18 years of age.

In order to order a card for your child both parents have to be a customer of DNB. Click here to become a customer in DNB.

Please also note that we will need a norwegian birth certificate or “Bekreftelse på foreldreansvar” (proof of guardianship) in order to process the application. Both documents can be ordered at Skatteetaten.no.



For use of current account, card*, text banking and Internet banking.

*1.99 % currency conversion fee outside Norway

See all prices for Intro here



  • Current account
  • Internet banking (in Norwegian and English) and mobile banking (in Norwegian only)
  • A Visa debit card. You can pay for goods in shops and withdraw cash from ATMs inside or outside Norway (as long as you have sufficient funds on your account)
  • SMS banking wherever you are and whenever you want (in Norwegian only)
  • Contactless payment
  • Online shopping/e-commerece (only for youth card)

My first Card/Youth Card

Birth certificate or proof of guardianship

Children born in Norway receive a birth certificate or confirmation of registration of birth and name in the National Register. These documents state who are the guardians of the child. If the child was not born in Norway, or there have been changes in the guardianship responsibility, you can ask the tax authorities to issue a proof of guardianship. An example of a change in guardianship is when one of the guardians dies.

The following must be in place before you start the order

  • You must have either a birth certificate or a proof of guardianship. If you do not have this, you can order it from the tax authorities. They only issue paper copies, so you have to take photo with your mobile or scan the document. File size max. 3 MB.
  • You must save the photo of the birth certificate or proof of guardianship on the same PC.
  • The person(s) filling out the order must be the same as the guardian(s) in the  birth certificate/proof of guardianship.
  • The guardian(s) must be DNB customer(s).

Please note that if you cancel the order process before you receive a receipt on the screen, the order will not be completed and you must start again.

To order via PC

  1. Log in to the Internet bank.
  2. Click on Banking & loans.
  3. Click on Order Card.
  4. Select My First Card for children between 6 and 14 years and Youth Card for those between 15 and 18 years. Here you can also read more about the cards.
  5. To start the order, click on the button Order My First Card.
  6. Fill in the information in the form and pay particular attention to the fact that the name and social security number of the guardians are the same as on the birth certificate or the proof of guardianship.
  7. Select whether to upload a birth certificate or proof of guardianship.
  8. Click Browse to find the document you saved on your PC.
  9. Select the document and click Open. The document cannot be more than 3 MB.
  10. Click Submit Document.
  11. You receive a receipt on the screen: Thank you for your order.

Once we have processed your order, you and the other guardian (if there are two) will be notified by email or SMS.
12. Log in to the Internet bank with BankID.
13. Click on My Tasks.
14. Click on Next on the document to be signed.
15. eSign the document (sign the document digitally) .
16. You will receive a receipt on the screen: Siging is completed