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There are some things in life you will never regret and saving money is one of them. Whether you decide to save towards a special purchase, a holiday or your retirement, the choice is yours.

Getting started is easy!

Set up a monthly direct debit so that cash is deducted automatically from your bank account the day your salary gets paid. You will hardly notice that you are saving. Even paying in a little each month helps, the most important thing is that you save regularly.

Contact your local branch if you would like to open a savings account or if you have any questions. We can give you more tips about how to choose the savings option which is best for you.

How can I save?

Savings Accounts
Higher rate of interest
You can expect a somewhat higher rate of interest from your savings account than a current account. It is a good idea to put money in a savings account if you know you can let it stay there for some time.
Mutual Fund Savings
Long-term return
Mutual fund savings can be a good alternative when you are looking for a better long-term return on your savings and accept that returns will vary over time. Link
Equities Online Equity Trading
Online equity gives you the opportunity to use your own skill and judgement to make money. Link
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