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Sparekonto Pluss

Sparekonto Pluss offers higher interest rates when you have more than NOK 100 000 to save.

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  • One of our best savings rates

  • No fixed savings requirement

  • The money is available when you need it four free withdrawals

Interest rate in Sparekonto Pluss

4.50 % per year

Interest rate for the entire amount, if the deposit is between NOK 500,000 and 2 million.

What is Sparekonto Pluss?

Sparekonto Pluss is the savings account that gives you the best interest rate when you have NOK 100,000 or more to deposit into an account. You’ll then get one of the bank’s best savings rates from the first NOK, all the way up to deposits of NOK 2 million. The money you have in your account is available for withdrawal when you need it.

  • No lock-in period
  • Up to four fee-free withdrawals per year
  • No fixed savings requirement
  • Only one account per person
  • It is not possible to make payments from the account. Only possible with a transfer between own accounts in DNB.
  • Not possible to open or transfer from accounts in the mobile bank.
Man saving with Sparekonto Pluss.

Interest rate in Sparekonto Pluss

The interest rate on the account depends on how much money you have saved.

  • Deposits up to NOK 100.000 give an interest rate of 2.75% per year.
  • Deposits of between NOK 100 000 and NOK 500 000 give an interest rate of 4.00% per year for the entire savings amount in the account.
  • Deposits of between NOK 500,000 and NOK 2 million give an interest rate of 4.50 % per year for the entire savings amount in the account.
  • If you have more than NOK 2 million in your account, you get 3.50% interest on the share of the deposit that is over 2 million. The rest of the account receives an interest rate of 4.50%.

The account has four fee-free withdrawals per year in addition to last year’s interest rates. Closing the account is also considered a withdrawal. For withdrawals beyond this, a 1% withdrawal commission is charged (maximum NOK 250 per withdrawal). No withdrawal commission on standing orders to a home mortgage or share savings account at DNB.

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When should you choose Sparekonto Pluss?

When you have a lot of money in your account and want a safe way of saving while having the money available for withdrawal, Sparekonto Plus is a good option for you.

You can set up Sparekonto Pluss even if you don’t have a high savings amount, but it’s only when you save NOK 100,000 or more that the account gets the best interest rate for the entire savings amount up to NOK 2 million.

The account is also an option if you have a short time horizon for saving. You avoid the risk of fluctuations that you would have had if you could put the money in mutual fund or shares, and you can withdraw the money exactly when you need it.

Fixed-rate deposits

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The savings app Spare

Spare is the app that helps you keep track of all your savings.

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