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Morsom Sparing (fun saving schemes)

Save a little every time you use your card, pay a bill or just want to impulse save.

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  • Save every time you use your card

  • Save when you pay your bills

  • Keep track of your savings in the Spare app

Set yourself a goal and start saving today!

You can easily set up Morsom Sparing (fun saving schemes) in the Spare app or in the online bank.

The interest rate you get on Morsom Sparing depends on which account you choose as a savings target account. If it is a regular savings account, you will receive the interest rate that applies to that account.

Enter a name and an image of your savings goal and set up the savings rules you want to follow – whether it’s to save when you use your card or pay a bill is entirely up to you.

You must be over 18 to set up Morsom Sparing.

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The savings app Spare

Spare is the app that helps you keep track of your savings.

  • Read more and download the Spare app

Frequently asked questions about Morsom Sparing

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