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Saving in an account

Saving in an account is a safe and flexible way to save.

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  • Choose a savings account that suits you

  • Full overview in the Spare app

  • Gives you extra peace of mind

Select the account that suits you best

Start with the account that suits your savings purpose best. Save with a regular savings account, get a better interest rate by binding the money for a period of fixed-rate deposits, or save to home with a BSU or Boligspar Extra.

Savings account

BSU home savings scheme

Boligspar Ekstra

Fixed-rate deposits

Sparekonto Pluss

Children’s savings account

How to get started with savings

It’s easier to keep track of things when your money is not sitting in the same account as the one you have a debit card for. Set up regular monthly savings and your savings takes care of themselves.

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Savings for children

Would you like to secure your children’s financial situation for when they step out into adult life? Get tips for how you can save on behalf of childrenfrom small to young adults.

Deposit guarantee

  • Read more about the deposit guarantee

Shares and mutual funds

Are you looking for information about shares and mutual funds?

Our savings accounts

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