Risk advisory

Illustration for risk advisory
DNB Markets’ Risk Advisory unit assists customers in managing financial risk, focusing on fixed income, currency and commodity exposure. A wide range of services are offered from identifying and quantifying risk to shaping and implementing financial strategies.

Risk management for non-financial undertakings

  • Management of fixed income, currency and commodity risk
    - Exposure assessment and quantification
    - Establishment of hedging strategy
    - Tailor-made hedging solutions
  • Management of surplus liquidity
  • Solvency II, Basel III and effects on credit spreads and the bond market
    - Market pricing
    - Rating requirements

Risk management for financial undertakings

  • Main focus on banks, life insurance companies and pension funds
  • Advisory services related to strategic asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management
  • Assistance in drawing up financial strategies, frameworks and management guidelines
  • Focus on adjustments in relation to the regulatory framework, the market situation and the financial situation of financial undertakings.


  • Ten employees with more than twelve years’ experience
    - Two PhDs, four MBAs
  • Long and extensive market experience
    - Fixed income, currencies and commodity markets
    - Financial management
  • Risk management experience from a number of different industry sectors
  • Two employees with operative experience from financial departments in large companies 
Please contact Risk Advisory through your local dealer or via e-mail