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With our considerable industry expertise, you’ll be well equipped for both challenges and opportunities

In DNB, every customer is assigned their own client manager who knows the industry well and who wants to develop long-term and close relationships. The client manager makes sure you get the best possible advice about the banking services you need and puts you in direct contact with relevant people at the bank.

DNB has an international focus on health and covers most of the sub-sectors. The main focus is Europe, North America, Singapore and Australia.

Our dedicated global healthcare team can assist you from our offices in Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Singapore and New York.

Corporate Finance

We provide strategic advisory services on acquisitions, sales and mergers, and obtain financing in the global debt and equity market.

  • Investment banking
  • Debt Capital Markets

Sustainable Finance

DNB shall be a driving force for sustainable value creation and has useful experience as an adviser to help our customers move in a sustainable direction.

Trade finance and guarantees

With our product knowledge and international experience, we’re great problem solvers and can be your teammate in international trade.

Finance your growth

Scaling a business is capital intensive, and there are many ways to finance growth. Get advice on how we can help you grow.

Currency and interest rates

Trading in foreign exchange and interest rates creates opportunities for both international investments and risk management.


We have a dedicated commodities team that offer price hedging, risk advice and tailored hedging strategies in the majority of commodity markets.

Treasury Management services

Both regionally and globally.

Our mutual funds

DNB Health Care is an actively managed equity fund which primarily invests in shares and companies listed on stock exchanges and regulated markets across the world.

DNB Bioteknologi (DNB Biotechnology) is an equity fund which primarily invests in shares listed on stock exchanges and regulated markets across the world.

Short introduction to our equity funds - English version

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New company?

We’re always helping new companies get started and can provide advice and guidance about most things. 

Get in touch with us

  • Jon Båsen Andersen

    Global Head of Healthcare, DNB Corporate Banking

    Jon Båsen Andersen. Photo.
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    Oslo, Norway

    Focuses on healthcare globally, with a main focus on financing large companies. Jon is also involved in conferences as well as investing in smaller companies in the Nordic region.

  • Torgrim Isaksen

    Healthcare Industry Specialist, DNB Corporate Banking

    Torgrim Isaksen. Photo.
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    Oslo, Norway

    Industry expert with a main focus in the Nordic region, Western Europe and Australia. Responsible for conferences in Norway and smaller companies in Norway and Sweden.

  • Jan Upman

    Head of Healthcare Sweden, DNB Corporate Banking

    Jan Upman. Photo.
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    Stockholm, Sweden

    Works on large and small companies in the Swedish market and towards Denmark. Responsible for DNB’s presence at the Nordic-American Life Science Conference.

  • Thomas Tangen

    Head of Healthcare USA, DNB Corporate Banking

    Thomas Tangen. Photo.
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    New York, USA

    Responsible for financing large and medium-sized Healthcare companies in North America.

  • Thomas Hoftvedt 

    Global Head of Healthcare, DNB Markets IBD

    Thomas Hoftvedt . Photo.
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    Oslo, Norway

    Responsible for healthcare globally in DNB Markets, with a focus in advisory services tied to initial public offerings (IPOs), issues, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Sebastian Intveen 

    Director of Healthcare, DNB Markets IBD

    Sebastian Intveen. Photo.
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    Oslo, Norway

    Focuses on advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions, as well as capital market transactions in the Nordic healthcare market.

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