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The green shift presents challenges and opportunities in the years ahead.

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The world’s population must be able to deal with the danger of major climate change and an increased scarcity of natural resources, all the while an exponential population growth is expected. This will require such a major restructuring to our trading patterns that it will mean an entirely new agenda, often referred to as the green shift.

The building sector is an important sector in terms of Norway reaching its environmental targets. The building sector is a customer of the industrial, transportation and energy supply sectors and can therefore have a major influence on them.

Professional property developers can have a major influence on the rest of the building sector as customers of architects, advisers, contractors and building material manufacturers. If property developers choose to build and manage more sustainably, we’ll be able to influence many operators and protect the environment.

DNB REIM - Real Estate Investment Management will develop an ever higher environmental standard for the commercial properties in the portfolio, in line with new technology and in accordance with the applicable requirements, for the benefit of investors, tenants, employees and society.

DNB Commercial property must:

  • Follow all statutory regulatory requirements related to the external environment
  • Contribute to reducing the strain on the environment and the climate by continuously promoting new behavioural patterns, products, services and technical solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions
  • Integrate the environment and climate into daily operations
  • Give our tenants an added value through increased profitability and reduced environmental impact, and help tenants and other partners reduce their environmental and climate impact
  • Actively manage climate risk

Sustainable management is endorsed through:

DNB REIM - Real Estate Investment Management

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Property funds

Property funds give investors access to a diversified portfolio of unlisted commercial property that is invested in different types of property and geographical areas.

Environmental focus

As part of the DNB group, DNB REIM - Real Estate Investment Management is subject to a comprehensive framework which ensures compliance with the applicable rules and legislation. In addition, special guidelines have been set up for managers, tailored to their business. Frameworks have been set up related to anti-money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctions, anti-corruption and privacy protection and risk assessments are done to clarify the need for additional measures.

Furthermore, a policy of supplier management has been established, which will ensure that engaged suppliers meet the requirements of prudent banking and that products and services are manufactured and delivered in a socially responsible and sustainable way. Among other things, this means that a risk assessment must be made before entering into agreements with suppliers.

Internal electronic courses have been developed within the aforementioned areas which are compulsory for all employees. This ensures competence internally, thus reducing the risk of violations.

DNB is a driving force for equality and diversity. We want to have a gender balance (40/60) in all leadership positions in the company. Furthermore, all teams shall be diverse and inclusive. Through products, services and dialogue, DNB will contribute to promoting equality among our customers. We also require that our biggest suppliers work systematically on equality and diversity in our own organisation. DNB has received several prizes for the work we’ve done so far, and the most recent prize we received ranked DNB as the best European bank for equality in the Financial Times Diversity Reports 2021.

DNB is also heavily involved in preventing financial crime. In 2020, DNB’s customers attempted fraud for NOK 1.4 billion. 82% of these attempts were stopped by us.

Useful articles related to social responsibility

Requirements for and monitoring of suppliers

Our tenants

In DNB REIM - Real Estate Investment Management, we’ve drawn up green tenancy agreements to commit ourselves both as landlords and tenants to reduce energy use and to reach standards in the property that reflect our environmental strategy. We’ve established good measurement structures that are logged. At annual tenant meetings, environment and energy are always on the agenda.

Tenant investigations

Satisfaction surveys are conducted every year for our office tenants, our tenants in the shopping mall and for investors in the DNB Scandinavian Property Fund. In addition, customer satisfaction is carried out for tenants’ customers at our shopping centres.

The responses give us a score on overall satisfaction, response time and scores in important areas. The survey provides guidelines for prioritising tasks.

Reports and key information

We have compiled all of the reports and key information for DNB Commercial Property, DNB Scandinavian Property Fund and DNB Eiendomsfond Core Plus

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