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Share prices

In DNB, you can follow developments in share prices and different indices from around the world.

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  • Follow the development of your investments in real time when logged in

  • Buy and sell using our online equity trading service

  • Our SOR secures the lowest price when buying shares

Follow share prices here
Follow share prices here

NB! The share prices are delayed by a minimum of 15 minutes if you are not logged in.

Share prices

You can follow share prices in real time when you are logged in as a DNB customer. You may also find delayed prices from Oslo Stock Exchange on our old web pages. Click on the button below to follow share prices (delayed by a minimum of 15 minutes) and different indices from around the world. On the page, select ‘markets and prices’ to find information about the different markets.

NB! Non-professionals get free real-time prices when logged in to the equity trading service

See delayed share prices
It’s fun to trade shares and follow the prices in real time

Trading shares based on good recommendations and prices in real time is interesting and fun.

Real-time prices and daily recommendations

Free real-time prices, daily recommendations, watch lists you can customise, technical research and regular company news updates… just a glimpse of what retail customers get in our new online equity trading service.

NOTE! The share prices stated are for information purposes only. Changes to share prices do not provide independent basis for buying and selling shares. If you are considering buying one or more shares, you should obtain more detailed information on the relevant companies.

Questions about share prices

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Looking for real-time share prices?

If you are an active investor you can also choose to subscribe to Infront by DNB, a more advanced trading platform where all trades take place in real time.

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