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Oslo Stock Exchange’s shares in one package

Our exchange traded fund DNB OBX ETF gives you the 25 most traded shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange in one product.

Facade of the Oslo Stock Exchange
  • Affordable way to invest in an index

  • Spread risk easily and effectively

  • Can be shorted

You buy shares in the same way that you trade individual shares when you are logged in to the equity trading service.

Summary of shares in DNB OBX

Updated share prices

Our exchange-traded fund DNB OBX* is tied to the benchmark index on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The ETF will always consist of the 25 most traded shares on the Oslo Stock Exchange over the last six months.

An affordable and liquid way of investing in an entire market!

When you buy shares of this ETF, you get a piece of the OBX index at an affordable price. You only pay 0.2% in management fees plus the normal brokerage fee when you buy and sell. It is easy to buy and sell shares, and follow the movements through our equity trading service.

Shares of ETFs are bought in the same way that you would buy shares of individual companies

When you are on our equity trading service, you will find the ETF by searching for the ticker OBXEDNB. You will find price details for the fund in the share price list and on the Oslo Stock Exchange’s website.

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Buying shares packaged into an ETF is affordable and simple. If you have confidence in the future of Norway’s biggest companies, DNB OBX is a good choice for you.

Who is the DNB OBX fund suitable for?

  • Customers who want to spread the risk in their portfolio in an affordable and effective way
  • People who want a liquid exposure to the Oslo Stock Exchange
  • People who want index returns
  • People who are not willing to take the risk of investing in individual companies
  • People who believe that the market is efficient, that is, that all information is priced into the market and that it is not possible to earn money on management based on researching companies
  • Possibility of ‘shorting’ (selling without owning). Read more about shorting here.

*The fund has been set up and is managed by DNB Asset Management, while DNB Markets will set buy and sell prices on an ongoing basis, thereby being the ‘market maker’.

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