There are many benefits if you open an equity trading account to trade equities online.

The account terms and conditions are favourable. We seek to give you a good rate of interest and  do not charge fees for money transactions connected to your equity trading. Please note that no debit card is linked to this type of account and that you cannot use it for other payment services. You can of course transfer money to and from your account in the Internet bank. For information on our prevailing rates of interest, please view our price list.  

With an equity trading account, money from your equity trading is separated from your other accounts, e.g. your current account. This is advantageous due to the special ’rhythm’ for equity trading reservations and monetary settlements.

Whey you BUY shares, we reserve the purchase amount in your bank account the instant the order is placed. You will see this as the Available Amount is reduced by the order amount. This is to safeguard that you do not make orders for amounts that are higher than what you have available. If the trade is executed, we replace the reserved amount with the actual payment, which normally takes place on day three after the trade is made.

If you delete your buy order, the reservation disappears and the amount is immediately available for new orders.

If you do not delete your buy order and the order ‘expires’ as it has not been traded due, e.g., to a limit etc., the reservation will be deleted on your bank account at approximately 22.30 CET on the da the order expires.

When you SELL equities, we reserve the sales amount on your bank account immediately after the order is made. This means your available amount is immediately increased for purchases of other equities. In the same way as for equity purchases, we replace the reserved amount with the actual payment, which normally takes place on day three after the trade is made.

It is technically possible to use an account other than the equity trading account for equity trading, but the above is meant to illustrate the clear benefits of having a separate account for this purpose.

We automatically open an equity trading account for new customers. For existing customers who do not use a separate equity trading account, but who wish to do so, click on “Contact us” at the bottom of your screen when you have logged in to Online Equity Trading and send an e-mail to Online Equity Trading. In the e-mail which is sent from the logged-in page, you can specify the account number which has thus far been used and any other information by which we can identify you.
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