Garanti Livrente annuity – Tailor your pension

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Garanti Livrente is an annuity which offers tax benefits and an annual minimum return and is a good long-term savings alternative. Portfolios are managed in the same manner as many corporate pension schemes. The minimum contract period is 12 years, of which the payment period is at least six years.

Suitable if you:

  • A minimum annual rate of return
  • Financial security and flexibility
  • Deferred tax on returns
  • Monthly payments
  • Low risk
  • To save for your children or grandchildren
  • In the event of death during the contract period, deposits will be repaid minus returns and any amounts which have already been paid out

Not suitable if you:

  • Want full flexibility and no minimum holding period
  • Prefer a higher risk investment
  • Have a short-term savings perspective

Prices Garanti Livrente annuity

Deposit fee:

NOK 0–1 million: 2.00%

NOK 1 million or more: 0.5%

Annual administration fee: 1.00%

Annual management fee: 0.35%

Contract changes: NOK 500

Online ordering
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Healthy returns

DNB Liv (Life insurance) has delivered the industry’s highest returns to its customers over the last five years. Average return during this period: 5.74%.
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