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Boligspar Ekstra

Boligspar Ekstra is the best savings scheme when you want to put a little extra aside at a good rate of interest without tax deductions.

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  • Extra home savings when the normal BSU is filled up

  • Good interest rates

  • The money is not bound to housing until the end of the year

Establishing Home Save Extra for children is done further down on the website.

Interest rates – Boligspar Ekstra (housing savings extra)

4.25% per year

What is Boligspar Ekstra?

Boligspar Ekstra (formerly BSU Start) is a home savings scheme without tax deductions for you aged 0-34. The account is ideal as additional savings for homes if you have filled up the normal BSU home savings scheme or if you want to start saving for children. You can save up to a total of NOK 300,000 in the account whenever you want.

You can have Boligspar Ekstra independently of the regular BSU home savings scheme.

The money you invest in Boligspar Ekstra is not bound to housing until the end of the year. This means that you can withdraw this money before 31st of December.

You get tax deductions when saving in BSU

Do you have taxable income and want to save for a home with tax deductions? If so, the regular BSU home savings scheme is for you.

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Save for children in Boligspar Ekstra

Home savings Extra does not provide tax deductions. Therefore, the account is a good choice if you want to save for a future home for children or grandchildren without income. You can start saving for children in Boligspar Extra from when the child is 0 years old. When the child reaches 18 years of age, it will access the account itself.

Remember that the child must be a customer and have an account in DNB before you set up Boligspar Extra. If the child is not a customer, you can easily create Barnas Sparekonto (Children’s savings account). The account must be in the child’s name.

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How to order Boligspar Ekstra for minors

Guardians must already be DNB customers in order to order Boligspar Extra. If the child has two guardians, both must sign. The child must be a customer and have another account in DNB before ordering Boligspar Extra. This is used as a return account if the savings exceeds the amount threshold for the account.

If we don’t have a Norwegian birth certificate for your child from before, you will be asked to upload this. Feel free to upload a mobile picture.

Frequently asked questions about Boligspar Ekstra

The savings app Spare

Spare is the app that helps you keep track of all your savings.

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