Defined contribution pension

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Defined contribution pension is a straightforward, effective pension scheme for businesses that is valued by employees. Our online solution makes it easy to manage the pension scheme and provides a good overview for both the company and its employees.

Advantages of defined-contribution pension:

For the company:

  • Suitable for all types of companies
  • Predictable pension costs
  • Easy, effective administration of the pension scheme using the online solution
  • The pension costs are tax deductible for the company
  • Can be combined with additional coverage such as:
    • Disability pension
    • Survivor pension

For the employees:

  • Good returns
  • Easy to change the pension profile
  • Good overview of their pension through the Internet banking service
  • Easy to gather paid-up policies and pension capital certificates

Choose between different pension profiles

The pension profile is initially chosen by the company. Individual employees can thereafter change their own pension profiles through the Internet banking service.

Information for employees

Defined-contribution pension brochure for the employees

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