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Desktop browsers we support

Browsers and versions
We support the following desktop browsers. If you are using an older browser version, your experience may not be optimal. You can upgrade for free here:

» Internet Explorer 8.0 to 10.0 (Windows Vista/7)
» Safari latest version (Mac OS X 10.4.11 or newer)
» Firefox latest version (Windows Vista/7, Mac OS X and Linux)
» Chrome latest version (Windows Vista/7)
» Opera latest version (Windows Vista/7)

I have the right browser but DNB Connect (internet bank) still doesn`t work. Why?

There could be a number of reasons, but you can start by trying the following:

Use the default security settings in the browser. In Internet Explorer you will find this in the Tools menu under Internet Options. Click on the Security tab and check to ensure that security level setting is Medium High.

Check the fire wall. Some companies have multiple firewalls that are so strict they will not let the security mechanisms used by DNB through. The online banking service uses port 80 (http) and port 443 (SSL/https).

JavaScript must be activated. DNB Connect uses JavaScript in several places and this must be activated.

Cookies. DNB Connect uses Cookies (session-based) so cookies must be enabled. See separate question about this topic.

What are the PC requirements for using DNB Connect (internet bank)?

DNB Connect is a web application which means you can use any PC that can handle the Internet well. To ensure that you get as much as possible out of DNB Connect.

How do I see which browser version I have?

To see which version of Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, Opera or Safari you have, start your browser, click on “Help" in the menu bar at the top and then on “About Internet Explorer/ Opera/ Firefox/ Safari".

How come I cannot add up numbers when I export data from internet bank to Excel?

This could be because the figures in the Excel spreadsheet are displayed as text due to regional Windows settings on your PC. If you use the Norwegian version of DNB Connect (internet bank), the regional settings need to be set so periods are used as thousands separators and commas are used as decimal points. In the English version commas are thousand separators and periods are decimal points.

To change regional settings go to the control panel in Windows.

Another option is to highlight all the figures that Excel interprets as text and use the find and replace option. Start by replacing the thousands separators with a space before replacing the decimal point with the character with which the machine is set up.
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